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Are Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury Settlements Considered Marital Property?

It is not uncommon for someone to experience an injury, whether at work or elsewhere, that eventually culminates in a settlement.  In this case, the injured party may receive either periodic payments under a payment schedule or a single lump-sum payment. When a recipient of settlement funds is seeking a ...

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5 Tips to Avoid Fireworks Injuries this Fourth of July

No July 4th celebration is complete without at least a few fireworks. Fireworks are the hallmark of the holiday, and while they are spectacular to watch, they are also very dangerous and can lead to serious personal injury. Common fireworks injuries include: Severe burns (most common on the hands, face, and legs) Eye ...

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The Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning is a way to assist individuals in eliminating uncertainties by providing a clear and purposeful way to transfer or dispose of assets, especially money, maximizing the value left to loved ones. Prime estate planning candidates are individuals that: Have suffered any kind of serious personal injury, and Seek compensation ...

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