Adult Adoption – Do Biological Parents Need Notice?

Adult adoption is a unique legal tool designed for situations where an adult wishes to formalize a relationship with their caregivers or wants to formalize an otherwise informal parenting arrangement after they have emancipated. There are a variety of unique situations that may lead a family toward adult adoption. In ...

2021-08-10T09:18:33-05:00August 10, 2021|Categories: Adoption|

How to Start the Adoption Process in Minnesota

Now that you have made the decision to adopt, where do you start? There are many unknowns in the adoption process but starting a checklist is a good first step. What adoption route are you looking to take? There are many ways to begin your adoption journey. Do you want ...

2020-11-19T15:52:16-06:00November 19, 2020|Categories: Adoption|

National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, and I wanted to take this opportunity to explore what adoption means to me and highlight the adoption services Heimerl & Lammers provides. My Personal and Professional Experience with Adoption I am passionate about adoption and love all aspects of adoption practice. This passion ...

2020-11-09T17:07:14-06:00November 9, 2020|Categories: Adoption|
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