There’s no way around it. Divorce can be a financial setback for those who have become dependent on a spouse’s income, especially if children are involved. Things like vacations, private schools for their children, music lessons and expensive sports oftentimes have to be cut or curtailed because the funds are not there anymore. Decreased financial...
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The Court will consider a spouse’s ability to earn income and be self-supporting when considering spousal maintenance. However, look at the facts surrounding a recent appellate case: Husband and Wife are both 52 years old. The parties were married for 30 years. The first five years of the parties’ marriage wife worked as a special...
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Spousal maintenance, formerly known as “alimony”, is not as common as is often believed. The typical spousal maintenance case involves a long-term marriage where one spouse did not work outside of the home, but rather stayed home and cared for the children or the household. They either have no higher education or it is outdated, causing...
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