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If you were injured on the job or as a result of your employment, you have a legal right to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits include wage loss, medical treatment, job search assistance, and possibly even retraining.

Workers’ compensation claims can be extremely frustrating and confusing. Insurance companies employ hundreds of attorneys and claims adjusters who handle these cases every day, and they are not always looking out for your best interests.

Many times the injured employee is left alone to navigate this difficult system. It is not uncommon for an injured worker to get lost in a procedural maze of red tape and dead ends. The result is that many people with legitimate claims are denied benefits simply because they don’t know the rules.

Legal Protection from Workplace Related Injury

Every injured worker is entitled to:

  • Workers’ compensation benefits. This can include financial relief for lost wages, rehabilitation, medical costs and more
  • The legal assistance of a worker’s compensation lawyer
  • The ability to recover free of harassment or threats of termination

While you are not required by law to work with a lawyer during this time, it is important that you understand that there is a service available to you anytime you need it. Whether you are tired of dealing with denied claims or whether you simply don’t want to headache to putting in a claim yourself, our attorneys are here to help you anytime.

Workers’ Compensation Harassment Concerns

If you are injured at the workplace, then you are entitled to certain benefits if you cannot work due to these injuries. Although no one wants to hurt themselves on the job, it does happen more often than anyone cares to discuss. Filing for workers’ compensation is not only stressful for the employer but also the employee. After all, most employees would rather keep working at their regular salary than sit at home, in pain, succumbing to more debt and less pay.

Furthermore, many employees are concerned about what their workers’ compensation claim will do to their employment status and how their boss will see the injury or illness. It is against the Minnesota workers’ compensation laws for employers to retaliate or fire any employee who files a worker’s compensation claim. However, this does not mean employer retaliation and harassment does not occur on a regular basis. If you are having trouble with employer harassment, then it is important to contact a Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

What is Workers’ Compensation Harassment?

Workers’ compensation harassment can come in many forms. The most common concern surrounding workers’ compensation and employer retaliation is when an employer will try to convince the injured employee to keep his mouth shut about the accident. It is your right as a worker in Minnesota to file a claim for workers’ compensation, no matter how serious the injury is. If you are injured on the job, it is your right to report the accident, no matter what your employer says.

Harassment can often come in the following forms:

  • Suspension, demotion, or full out the firing of an employee. If you have been suspended, demoted, or fired or if you have been threatened with any of these things, then it is important to contact a Minnesota workers comp attorney about your rights.
  • Reduction in pay or in status. This is one of the biggest concerns surrounding workers’ compensation claims. It is against the law for an employer to reduce your pay or to treat you any differently but often this is the case.
  • Failure to promote. If you feel like you are being treated unfairly and missing out on opportunities as a result of a worker’s compensation claim, then this can classify as Minnesota workers’ compensation harassment and you need to deal with it directly.

Standing up for your Workers’ Compensation Rights

It is not only important for yourself, your future, and your family’s future to stand up against any harassment or employer retaliation experienced when suffering an injury at work; it is also equally important for current and future employees of the company. By getting in touch with a work injury harassment attorney, you are preventing other workers from suffering the same harassment and stress. No employer should get away with this unethical behavior.

Minnesota Work Injury Lawyers

The Law Firm of Heimerl & Lammers can help you with your workers’ compensation harassment case. You have the right to fair compensation without any fear or harassment that comes with it. Our workers’ compensation attorneys will stand up for your legal rights and put an end to this unethical behavior.

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