Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you were injured on the job in Minnesota, or as a result of your employment, you have a legal right to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits include wage loss, medical treatment, job search assistance, and possibly even retraining.

Workers’ compensation claims in Minnesota can be extremely frustrating and confusing. Insurance companies employ hundreds of attorneys and claims adjusters who handle these cases every day, and they are not always looking out for your best interests.

Many times the injured employee is left alone to navigate this difficult system. It is not uncommon for an injured worker to get lost in a procedural maze of red tape and dead ends. The result is that many people with legitimate claims are denied benefits simply because they don’t know the rules.

Legal Protection from Workplace Related Injury in Minnesota 

Every injured worker is entitled to:

  • Workers’ compensation benefits. This can include financial relief for lost wages, rehabilitation, medical costs and more
  • The legal assistance of a Minnesota worker’s compensation lawyer
  • The ability to recover free of harassment or threats of termination

While you are not required by law to work with a lawyer during this time, it is important that you understand that there is a service available to you anytime you need it. Whether you are tired of dealing with denied claims or whether you simply don’t want to headache to putting in a claim yourself, our attorneys are here to help you anytime.

Work Comp Lawyers Minnesota