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Parenting Consultant

The Pros & Cons of Appointing a Parenting Consultant

Everyone has differing opinions about parenting consultants. Even family law attorneys have differing opinions on this topic! In this article, we are going to discuss some of the pros and cons of appointing a parenting consultant in your family law case. What You Need to Know About Parenting Consultants To help you decide whether it...
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Legal Custody

Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody in Minnesota

In Minnesota when a dissolution proceeding involves minor children, the parties or the court must decide issues such as custody, parenting time, and child support.  There are two types of custody “labels” in Minnesota: legal custody and physical custody.  When determining custody in Minnesota, the courts will apply the “best interest factors” as defined under...
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Child Custody Out of State

Minnesota Divorce and Out of State Moves

Whether a parent can move out of state with a minor child is determined by Minnesota Statute §518.175 subdivision 3. Without consent from the other parent, it is very difficult for a party to move out of the state with the child.  If the purpose of the move is to thwart the relationship between the...
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Legal Separation Divorce

The Pros & Cons of Legal Separation vs. Divorce in Minnesota

Legal separation is essentially the same as divorce, and costs the same. The only real difference is, with a legal separation, you are still legally married. In a legal separation, the parties involved divide assets, debts, property, determine child custody, child support, and alimony. Legal separation is often confused with a separation. In a separation, the parties live separate...
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The Rights of Unmarried Fathers in Minnesota Family Court

If a man and a woman are unmarried at the time of a child’s birth, the mother has sole legal and physical custody until the court issues an order stating otherwise. An unmarried father has to establish himself as the legal father of a child before he has any rights to ask for parenting time. Even...
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Child Focused Mediation

Child Focused vs. Child Inclusive Mediation in Minnesota

There are several types of divorce mediation in Minnesota. Two of the most common are child focused mediation, and child inclusive mediation. Both forms of mediation deal with the children (if any) in the divorce, but are handled in different ways. Child Focused Mediation In child focused mediation, the parents provide the input and make...
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Divorce Mediation

ICMCs & the Early Neutral Evaluation Process in Minnesota

In Hennepin County and Ramsey County, the family courts have adjusted to make the process more amicable for cases. Instead of filing a case and having nothing happen for some time, the courts have been automatically setting an initial hearing roughly 3-4 weeks after the time when the case was filed. This hearing, called the...
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Divorce Law FAQ

7 Basic Minnesota Family Law FAQs

How Long does the Divorce Process take? If uncontested, a divorce can be finalized in as little as a few weeks. If the divorce is contested, however, it could take 4-6 months at the very least, and can last up to a year or longer. What is an Uncontested Divorce? An uncontested divorce is a...
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Broken Bones

Broken Bone Work Injuries & Compensation

Broken bone injuries happen all the time – on the playground, at a friend’s house, at the workplace. However, this is not an injury can should be taken lightly, especially when the injury is caused by the neglect of another person. Broken bones can take a long time to recover from and you could be...
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