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Complex Divorce

How to Divide Property in a Complex Divorce

Reasons for Complex Divorces Complex divorces occur for a number of reasons. Some of the factors that can make a divorce more complicated include (but are certainly not limited to) the following: Infidelity by either spouse. Infidelity and other complications in a marriage can make it hard for the couple to be in the same...
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Is Bankruptcy Right for You During a Divorce?

If you are struggling to get out from under overwhelming debt during the course of a divorce proceeding, bankruptcy may be your path to a fresh financial start. Ask yourself if any of these apply to your situation: Do you owe more than you can pay? Are you being hounded by creditors harassing you and...
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Child Support Calculator

Loan Modification Options During a Divorce

Loan modification is not a myth. It is possible to get your initial loan modified to more reasonable payment terms. This can be especially helpful when you’re in the middle of a divorce. However, the problem is that often the banks and lending companies can be unreasonable and refuse to negotiate, especially if you have...
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Enforcement of Court Orders

Bankruptcy Exemptions & Divorce Cases

Protecting your property during bankruptcy is possible. It can be rather frightening knowing that your creditors can make claims against financial assets and personal property when you file for bankruptcy. Things get even more complicated when a divorce case is involved simultaneously. Your bankruptcy attorney will use “exemptions” to protect as much of your assets...
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Divorce Law FAQ

Benefits of Bankruptcy During a Divorce

There are a number of bankruptcy myths that can keep a person from turning to bankruptcy as a solution for their debt, especially when a divorce is involved. It is true that there are some negative aspects of the bankruptcy process. However, anyone filing bankruptcy before, during, or after a divorce will likely do so...
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Marriage Dissolution

Repossessions & Divorce Proceedings

Repossession occurs when a creditor seizes a piece of property that was used to secure a loan. If you default on that loan, the creditor has a right to take the property to recover some or all of the money owed to them. The situation can get even more complicated if a divorce proceeding is...
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy & Divorce

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (also known as a “Wage Earners Bankruptcy”) allows you to restructure your debts without having to worry about income or surrendering assets. It is called “Wage Earners Bankruptcy” because a regular source of income is required to make payments. The filer proposes a Chapter 13 plan under which monthly payments are made...
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Legal Separation Divorce

How to Deal with Student Loan Debt in Divorce

Student loan debt issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in the lives of the average consumer. Unsustainable student loan debt can negatively impact borrower’s lives in ways that we have not encountered before. Recent graduates are finding difficulty obtaining mortgages and in some cases delaying marriage and starting a family because of excessive debt. In a...
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COVID-19 Related Employment Issues

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a lot of people getting laid off, fired, or furloughed. Many people who fall into this category have questions about employment law issues. That’s our topic for this article. Minnesota Law Under Minnesota law, an employer cannot terminate, discipline, threaten, or penalize an employee because the employee is (or...
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