Minnesota Employment Law Attorneys

At Heimerl & Lammers, our employment law attorneys advocate for justice for clients whose employers who have violated their rights through objectionable and unlawful behavior that reveals discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, and wrongful termination.

Our hardworking clients have a lot to offer in both their personal and professional lives, and when they are struggling with day-to-day physical, economic, and psychological injuries stemming from illegal behavior in the workplace, our employment law attorneys are here to listen to how your rights have been violated. This way, you may take the first steps in facing your future with confidence.

Our lawyers fight to help employees get the financial compensation they are entitled to when their employers disregard our state or federal laws and regulations when hiring, firing, paying, evaluating, promoting, and demoting employees.

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Employment Law Attorneys

Many Minnesotans who are victims of employment law violations do not realize that they have recourse for what was done to them. They c0ntinue with their daily lives under duress at work wondering what to do next.

The employment law attorneys at 612-INJURED can help. Our team has already defended the rights of many clients in this position. If you are experiencing unlawful employment practices, give us a call. We can determine the next steps for the best path forward.

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Severance Negotiation Lawyers

Many employers ask employees to sign a severance agreement to receive a small amount of money at termination.  This protects employers from litigation, but often limits the rights of employees.  If you have been asked to sign a severance agreement and you believe that your employer discriminated or retaliated against you, please reach out, where we can:

  • Evaluate your potential legal claims against your employer;
  • Explain the terms and conditions of your proposed severance agreement;
  • Potentially negotiate a higher severance amount that your employer’s initial offer; and
  • Ensure that your severance agreement contains fair terms to both parties.
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Age Discrimination Lawyers

We may be able to help if your age was a factor in your employer’s decision about one of the following:

  • Discharge, termination or forced to quit
  • Layoff or reduction in force (RIF)
  • Passed over for a promotion or a pay raise
  • Denied a job for which you applied
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Sex Discrimination Lawyers

Sex Discrimination can take many forms in the workplace.  Employers can hold women to higher standards, deny them opportunities, ignore workplace harassment, scrutinize their appearance, or treat women differently than men in regard to family responsibilities. 

We may be able to help you with:

  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Denial of a promotion or pay raise
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Different treatment regarding care for children
  • Termination, discharge, or layoff
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Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Lawyers

It is illegal for your employer to obstruct your workers’ compensation benefits in any way, including retaliation. Employers may try to intimidate the worker, refuse to promote, reduce hours, and even fire. Workers’ Compensation Retaliation claims are distinctly diff