Now that you have made the decision to adopt, where do you start? There are many unknowns in the adoption process but starting a checklist is a good first step.

What adoption route are you looking to take?

There are many ways to begin your adoption journey. Do you want to adopt internationally or domestically? Do you want to adopt privately or through an agency? If you would like your adoption journey to remain intimate, adopting through an agency may be the route you decide to take. However, if you are open to putting yourself out there and marketing yourself, a private adoption may be a good option for you as there are many ways to connect and move your adoption process forward.

How do you find a match?

Once you have decided your adoption path, you will now need to make a match with a birth parent. There are many ways to do this including through an agency or through your contacts. If you are planning on doing a private adoption, be sure to let everyone know your adoption plans as the connection can come in the most unexpected way. You can make business cards, post flyers, make a Facebook page, and inform your friends, family, and co-workers. Every state has different requirements so be sure you are following the requirements allowed by Minnesota.

Obtain your home study

No matter the route you decide to take, you should be working on your home study with a Minnesota licensed agency. This can feel like a long process; however, it is required under the law for most adoptions as the agency needs to determine if you are fit to move forward with the adoption process. If you are unsure what agency to go with, be sure to check out their webpages, ask your friends and family if they have experience with anyone, or call a local adoption attorney to see if they have recommendations.

Now that the match has been made, now what?

The match has been made. Now you should contact a local adoption attorney to discuss the necessary legal steps to take to properly finalize the adoption before and after the arrival of the baby. The attorney will talk to you regarding the potential need for a Pre-Placement Order, consent of the birth parent, and the requirements that need to be completed prior to your final adoption hearing. Be sure you are thorough in this step.