An Explanation of Protective Orders in Minnesota Family Law Cases

Orders for Protection (OFPs) and Harassment Restraining Orders (HROs) are the legal tools available to individuals to protect themselves from the actions of others. OFPs are used to protect individuals who have been physically harmed or are in fear of bodily harm from another person. OFPs are covered under Minnesota Statute ...

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Orders for Protection vs. Harassment Restraining Orders

In Minnesota there are orders for protection and harassment restraining orders. Although both protect an individual from another who is considered to be a danger, they are very different. An order for protection, or OFP, is a document that is signed by a judge. This document tells an alleged abuser ...

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How Can an Order for Protection Influence a Custody Case or Divorce in Minnesota?

In the state of Minnesota, if you are the victim of domestic abuse you may be able to obtain an Order for Protection. When an incident of violence occurs during the divorce process or even in a custody dispute once the papers have been filed, a victim is still able ...

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