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Will my Spouse have to Pay my Attorneys’ Fees?

A common question that divorcing parties ask is whether or not their spouse will have to pay for their attorneys’ fees.  There are two types of attorneys’ fees that a party may be awarded: “need-based” and “conduct-based.” Need Based Attorney’s Fees An award of attorney fees is permissible under Minn. ...

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How Much do Minnesota Divorce Attorneys Charge?

It is no secret that high conflict divorce cases can be very expensive. The typical family law attorney charges based on the actual amount of work they do on your case. The amount of money you spend on their work varies depending on their hourly rate. Most attorneys bill in .1 increments, meaning ...

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Who Pays Attorneys’ Fees in an Appeal?

An appeal is a very technical and potential very expensive process. In addition to attorneys' fees for drafting the pleadings, the parties must also pay for: Transcripts for Court Hearings Filing Fees Appearance by the Attorney for the Oral Argument And Possibly Appellate Mediation And in the end, that party may lose ...

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