Minnesota Military Divorce Attorney

Marriage is never easy but when there is also a strain due to work commitment, many marriages simply cannot survive. This is often the case when one spouse is in the military and away on duty often. The added work related stress and fear is sometimes simply too much. It can be hard to make long distance relationships work and if yours is coming to an end, then you need the best legal representation possible during this difficult time. If you or your spouse is active or retired military personnel, then there are certain procedures that must be followed in the event of dissolution of marriage. Heimerl & Lammers can explain your legal rights and guide you through this process.

Facing a Military Divorce

When you are away on active duty it can be hard for you represent yourself. The Service members’ Civil Relief Act of 2003 provides protection to an active duty member of an armed service against civil action for ninety days. This stay may even be extended under some circumstances. However, there are several other factors that can become problematic when you are away such as child custody, child support payments, parenting time and alimony concerns. If you are away on active duty then you will most likely be unable to care for your children during this time but this does not mean you won’t be able to see them when you return. Furthermore, there are additional custody options available such as mandatory phone call and Skype sessions that can be arranged so that you can play an active role in your child’s development even if you are away and no longer with the other parent.

Contact a Military Divorce Lawyer

Because of the special guidelines in place for military personnel, your case will take extra attention. Things like your income, your pension and your benefits will all need to be calculated, divided and allocated between you and your spouse. Regardless of the reasons behind the divorce or separation, our law firm can help. We have experience working with active military members, military veterans, and their spouses and are committed to ensuring the best outcome for you and your family. There are several different options you can take if you have decided to end the marriage including mediation or collaborative divorce which can be a much cleaner way to end your relationship and walk away. Let us explain your options and access your case. A military divorce lawyer at our firm is solution oriented and will go the extra mile to ensure fair arrangements are made and your rights are protected. If you are in the military and need assistance or if you are married to someone in the military and are considering divorce then speak to our team today. We offer a free consultation to discuss your options. Contact our Minnesota divorce attorneys and let us know how we might serve you.