Do you need an affordable divorce lawyer in Minneapolis? The process of getting married can be one of the more expensive ways to declare your love to one another. Any wedding, no matter how big or how small, comes with many expenses. And, although the process of divorce is by no means as expensive as an extravagant wedding on a yacht, it can still be costly. At Heimerl & Lammers we understand that the last thing you want to worry about if you are facing an impending divorce is the legal fees that come attached to it. This is why our law firm offers flexible rates for simple dissolutions. We can provide you with a number of payment options to help accommodate your needs during this difficult time in your life.

Divorce Proceedings and Legal Fees

There are a number of factors that will affect the complexity of your divorce. Children, spousal maintenance, assets, trust funds, debts and property division all come to mind. However, if you and your spouse are committed to moving forward as quickly and as painless as possible, then there is no reason why you should have to worry about the expensive court fees that come with contested divorce cases.

Uncontested divorce is a much easier and cheaper legal option for simple dissolutions. If you and your spouse are ready to move forward and can come to an agreement on your property, assets and children, then we can help you find an affordable and flexible payment schedule that works for you.

Flexible Payment Plans

We will factor in the following to determine a creative billing method for your divorce fees:

  • The method of payment– would you prefer to pay by cash, check, direct deposit, monthly payments, and weekly payments or through a credit card? We can accommodate a number of options for you
  • The type of legal services required– are you looking for a simple uncontested divorce attorney or do you need the services of a divorce mediator as well?

Regardless of your situation, we can sit down and discuss with you the various fees that come with obtaining a divorce in Minnesota. While it is usually impossible to estimate the total overall cost of obtaining a divorce, we can provide you with an honest quote, a number of payment options and a promise of affordable legal services for all simple dissolutions.

Affordable Minneapolis Divorce Lawyers

When facing a divorce the last thing you want to worry about are the legal fees attached to the divorce proceedings. This is why at Heimerl & Lammers we can provide you with a creative billing plan that will work with your situation.  If you have any questions regarding your divorce and legal fees, then contact the Minnesota divorce attorneys at Heimerl & Lammers today and let us help you through this difficult, complex, emotionally-charged time.