Whether you are the paying or receiving party, a change in your circumstances might warrant a modification of spousal maintenance. When this happens, you will need a family law attorney who listens and maps out a plan to meet your legal needs.

Spousal Maintenance Modification Lawyers in Minnesota

The party seeking the spousal maintenance modification has the burden of showing why a modification is justified. A modification can be in the form of a reduction in amount, increase in amount, suspension of payment, extension of payments, or termination of payments. Common reasons for a modification include the following:

  • A change in the cost of living
  • An increase or decrease of need by the receiving spouse
  • A change in income for either party

Changes in financial circumstances may warrant a modification but it depends on whether there is a Karon waiver and there are differences on permanent and temporary spousal maintenances that should be considered.

If you are the paying party, and you are having difficulty in making your payments, it is crucial to seek a modification before you fall into arrears (debt). If you are nearing retirement and anticipate an income decrease, you should start planning now for a modification of spousal maintenance.

Your situation is unique, and our family law attorneys will listen to you and stand with you throughout the process. As in most situations involving the court and legal obligations, time can be of the essence.

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