If the recent heat wave in Minnesota wasn’t enough, it turns out August it actually the most dangerous month for workers and commuters.

Analysts concluded that August was the most dangerous month for workers by reviewing Travelers’ insurance claim data from the pasty two years. Although the data was limited to claims filed in Texas, researchers found that work injuries like sprains, strains, cuts and bruises were more likely to occur in August than in any other month.

“Employees are the backbone of any successful company, so it is important that employers take steps to keep them healthy and safe at work,” said Kim Bittle, Regional Vice President of Travelers.

Ben Heimerl, a workers’ compensation attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota, said the claims data reveals how important it is for businesses to be insured.

“In Minnesota, businesses are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance. If a company is uninsured, they can be liable for up to triple the damages payable to the state,” said Heimerl. “If you are injured and you don’t think your employer carries workers compensation insurance, don’t worry. Minnesota has a Special Compensation Fund to cover injured workers of employers who don’t carry insurance. The employee should not have to pay for the employer’s mistake.

Deadly August Driving

Motorists are also subjected to heightened dangers during the month of August. According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, four of the 10 most dangerous days for driving are in August.

Thankfully, all four days have come and gone. The four dangerous days are August 3, 4, 6 and 12.

Although four of the 10 most dangerous driving days are in August, the month only has one day is in the top five. You can see the five most dangerous driving days below:

  1. July 3
  2. July 4
  3. December 23
  4. August 3
  5. January 1


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