Think you know a lot about workers’ compensation claims in Minnesota? Or do you want to try your hand at guessing? Test your knowledge with our 10-question quiz! (All data has been taken from the 2012 Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Claims Characteristics pamphlet.)

1)   Which type of work-related injury resulted in the most fatalities in 2012?

A. Contact with objects and equipment
B. Transportation incidents
C. Falls
D. Assaults and Violent Act 


2)   What is the most common type of work-related injury?

A. General Pain
B. Fractures
C. Sprains, Strains, and Tears
D. Contusions


3) What of the following parts of the body represents the highest amount of work-comp claims?

A. Knees
B. Back
C. Feet
D. “Multiple parts”


4)   True or False. Men account for more than 2/3’s of the total number of injured workers?

5)   What percent of injured workers’ were younger than 25 years old?

A. 32%
B. 26%
C. 19%
D. 10%


6)   What industry reported the highest amount of work-related injuries?

A. Construction
B. Transportation/Warehousing
C. Service Workers
D. Manufacturing


7) What type of event results in the highest amount of work-related injuries?

A. Fall to same level
B. Fall to different level
C. Struck by object
D. Lifting an object


8)   How many claims were filed in Minnesota in 2012?

A. 41,123
B. 96,000
C. 124,085
D. 230,043


9)   What percentage of injured worker’s had been at their job for less than a year at the time of their injury?

A. 41%
B. 28%
C. 11%
D. 2%


10)   What occupation had the most fatal injuries in 2012?

A. Farmer and Ranchers
B. Motor Vehicle Operators
C. Construction and Extraction Workers
D. Ice Cream Truck Drivers


Answers: 1. B. 2. C. 3. B. 4. False. 5. D. 6. C. 7. A. 8. B. 9. B. 10. C.