A new study of Norwegian couples has shown that couples who share household duties and chores have higher divorce rates than those who don’t.

The study examined data from 2007-2008 on thousands of Norwegian couples. Results showed that the 25% of couples who divided housework equally had higher divorce rates than the 71% of couples where the woman did most of the housework.

Researchers were quick to note that this data should not be used as a tool for men to get out of their share of the chores. Instead of causation, these statistics likely indicate that couples who equally share household duties may have more modern views of divorce. It may also be the case that women in those relationships have the financial ability to file for divorce.

“The main point is that there is little to indicate that gender equality at home protects against divorce, as many people think and as is typically maintained by scholars in the field,” said Thomas Hansen, co-author of the study.

Do you and your spouse split the household chores equally?


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