According to a new study, men are twice as likely as women to wed again after a divorce.

The study surveyed 2,000 adults was enacted to coincide with the DVD release of Crazy, Stupid, Love. 47 percent of divorced men surveyed said they were eager to wed again, compared to 20 percent of divorced females.

More men are also trying online dating services. 31 percent of divorced men and 19 percent of divorced women said they have tried internet dating since getting divorced.

So why are men so much more willing than women to re-enter the dating scene? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

“According to the Minnesota Department of Health, in 2009 there were 27,895 marriages and 17,113 divorces,” says MN Divorce Attorney, Katie Lammers. “According to Dr. Bill Doherty, a national expert on marriages, professor at the University of Minnesota and a contributor to the Huffington Post’s new divorce section, women are twice as likely to initiate a divorce as men. Doherty explains that women are more likely to analyze the state of their relationships. So, men are more interested in starting a relationship after divorce but more women initiate divorces.”

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