The divorce process is very emotional and sometimes the parties have mixed feelings going through it. The parties may not be in agreement to go forward with the divorce. So what happens if during the divorce process, after filing, the parties decide to give the relationship another try?

Inactive Status

When a case has already been filed with the court and started, it may make sense to have the court place the case on “inactive status.” Inactive status allows the parties to keep the court file open for up to one year while they try to save their relationship and avoid finishing the divorce process. If the parties have not come back to court within the year, then the court file is automatically closed. However, if things do not work out and the parties decide to go forward with the divorce, they are able in that year to just contact the court and start again where they left off. This allows the parties to save the additional cost of having to re-file a case and start over from the beginning of the case.

Parties are also able to drop their divorce case altogether if they are confident that they will be able to reconcile. It makes no difference to place the case on inactive status though, so it generally is a good way to handle your case if you have any doubt that reconciliation will work.