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Your duties at work might put a physical strain on your body. This exertion can aggravate an old injury that you suffered long before you began your current job. An aggravation injury is not your fault, and you might have a claim under Minnesota workers’ compensation laws.

You can trust the workers’ comp attorneys at Heimerl & Lammers with your claim. We have an unwavering belief in our ability to get good results for all our clients.

Minnesota Workers’ Comp Covers Aggravation Injuries

Too many workers think they are on their own when it comes to an aggravation or pre-existing injury at work. If your work duties aggravate your existing injury or medical condition, you can file a workers’ compensation claim in Minnesota. Your job duties might require lifting, which can aggravate an old car accident injury. Your employer is responsible and you can receive workers’ comp benefits.

Your aggravation injury might begin as a minor muscle twinge that eventually becomes unbearable after a few weeks. What began as discomfort is now serious pain that prevents you from doing your job. If you think it will get better on its own, you are jeopardizing your long-term health. Report the injury to your employer.

Our Lawyers Will Fight for You

Unfortunately, some employers try to take advantage of an employee’s lack of understanding of work comp laws. Your employer might tell you they are not responsible because you had a pre-existing condition. This is not true.

Even after you file your claim, a common tactic used by insurance companies is to deny your claim based on an aggravation injury. Our attorneys know all the tricks that insurance companies use, and we will stand up to them for you.

We realize that you might be in fear of losing your job if you file a workers’ comp claim, and no one wants to lose their income. However, continuing to work with an injury can end up in permanent disability and remove you from the work force entirely. Call one of our offices in the Twin Cities at (612) 294-2200 or (651) 777-1811 and we will help you.

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