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You may not be able to perform all of your previous job duties after a serious work injury.  If your injury is permanent and you are unable to perform all of the duties as before your work injury, you can seek a Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) award.

Benefits for PPD involve a permanency rating from your doctor and a compensation schedule established by state law. It is one of the more contested issues in workers’ compensation law and one of most difficult to understand for injured workers.

How Much Will You Receive in PPD Benefits?

Once your treating doctor determines you have a permanent injury, he or she will assign you a permanency rating. In addition, the work comp insurance company will tell you that you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), which simply means they do not expect your condition to improve.

You might receive PPD benefits in a lump sum or in weekly increments. However, the process is rarely as simple as it seems. A number of issues can arise, including:

  • Was your MMI determination premature?
  • Was your PPD benefit amount correct?
  • Are you eligible for additional workers’ comp benefits?

Many workers think that once they receive a PPD award, their case is closed. This is not true. That’s why having a strong and knowledgeable advocate on your side is the best decision you can make.

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We know that much of workers’ compensation law can seem confusing. The last thing you want to deal with after a work injury is permanency ratings, insurance companies, and compensation schedules. Hire our law firm, and our work comp lawyers will handle all of that for you.

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