Minnesota Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer

Swimming pools can provide hours of fun for friends and family. However, they can be quite dangerous, especially if they are not properly maintained or if they are not adequately supervised.  There are many accidents that can happen in a swimming pool, including drowning accidents, slip and falls and traumatic brain injuries. If you or a family member has suffered a loss of life or a serious injury in a swimming pool accident, then you could be eligible for financial compensation through insurance or a lawsuit. Speak to the team at Heimerl & Lammers before you agree to any settlement to ensure that you are getting everything that you are entitled to.

Swimming Pool Drowning and injury

Swimming pool accidents can happen at public pools as well as in people’s backyards if they have a swimming pool. Either way, you could be faced with a premise liability lawsuit which occurs when the incident happens outside of the home. Instances of drowning are the most devastating as they often involve a wrongful death.

Dealing with the emotions of a drowning can be hard for your entire family. You may not know how to move on and away from this accident and you may never fully be able to. Knowing why this has happened can actually cause some peace of mind and gaining the financial compensation you deserve can help provide the care that you and your family need during this time. Swimming pool accidents can occur due to:

  • Improperly supervised children,
  • Children who are unable to swim and are not equipped with appropriate water floatation devices and supervision,
  • Lifeguard negligence,
  • Defective or faulty pool equipment,
  • Insufficient lifeguards or adult supervision for the number of children present

Child injury and swimming pool accidents

The scary part is that around 30 percent of all swimming pool drowning accident victims are children under the age of 14.  If the swimming pool is not adequately fenced then a child may be able to get into the water without his mother or father even knowing. Furthermore, even if a child is a strong swimmer, things can happen. This is why it is imperative that there is adequate supervision of a swimming pool when children are present.

Other swimming pool accidents can occur when people have had too much to drink and decide to go for a swim. If you are enjoying a pool party and a few too many beverages, then this can be a recipe for disaster.

Swimming Pool Accidents Attorney Serving Minnesota

Many swimming pool accidents can be avoided with proper supervision and care. Whether you are faced with a death of a loved one due to a drowning accident or whether or are suffering from serious injury, such as broken bones, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, our Minnesota swimming pool accident lawyer can help.

Heimerl & Lammers Law Firm is there for you during this difficult time. Contact a Minnesota swimming pool accidents lawyer at our firm today, so that we can review your case, advise you of your rights and legal options, and provide you with the representation you deserve.