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Minnesota’s weather offers plenty of opportunities for recreational snowmobiling. Our state has over 22,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails to enjoy. If not operated safely, however, a snowmobile outing can end in severe injury or death. Whether caused by someone else’s careless behavior or a defective snowmobile, contact our law firm if you suffer injuries in a snowmobile accident. We offer a free and confidential initial consultation with an experienced Minnesota personal injury lawyer. You might be entitled to compensation for your snowmobile accident and injuries.

Be a Safe Snowmobile Rider

The best way to avoid a snowmobile injury is to be a safe rider. In addition to taking a safety-training course, you can avoid snowmobile accidents by following these safety tips:

  • Avoid riding in bad weather
  • Never drink alcohol and operate a snowmobile
  • Always ride accompanied by someone on another snowmobile – this prevents you from becoming stranded if your snowmobile stalls
  • Wear a helmet and facemask
  • Avoid excessive speeds, especially at night

Compared to automobiles, there are not nearly as many restrictions and enforcement for snowmobile safety. Many accidents occur on private property without groomed trails and with inexperienced riders.

Snowmobile Injuries in Minnesota

Even if you are a safe rider, another person’s negligence or a defective snowmobile can cause a serious accident. Snowmobile accidents can be painful and life altering. We have helped clients with snowmobile injuries caused by the following:

  • Head and neck injuries after ejection from the snowmobile
  • A collision caused by a rider driving at excessive speeds
  • Striking a hidden stationary object on a public trail or private property
  • Defective snowmobiles or snowmobile parts
  • Injuries caused by an intoxicated rider

The cold weather can worsen a snowmobile injury. An injured rider is more susceptible to hypothermia, so getting medical attention is crucial. Expensive medical bills will be a concern, but our personal injury lawyers can help you pursue a legal claim to cover your medical bills and missed time from work.

No Charge for an Attorney Consultation

We will discuss your snowmobile accident injury claim with you free of charge. Feel free to contact us if you need to speak with one of our Minnesota personal injury attorneys.