Representing Plane Crash Victims throughout Minnesota

You always hear about commercial airplane crashes, but private plane crashes are more common and just as catastrophic. In addition, private plane crashes are tougher to investigate. Private aircraft do not carry “black boxes” and regulation and maintenance standards are not as strict when compared to commercial aircraft.

Whether on a commercial or private airplane, the injuries from a crash can be serious and fatal. Heimerl & Lammers in Minneapolis and Saint Paul is a law firm experienced in representing victims of airplane disasters and their families.

Causes of Plane Crashes and Injuries

Statistics show that airplanes are four times safer than vehicles. Nonetheless, airplane crashes can be far more horrific and fatal than a car crash. Some common causes of airplane crashes include the following:

  • Negligent maintenance or repair
  • Pilot error
  • In-flight instrument failure
  • Defective design and materials
  • Air traffic control errors
  • In-flight icing
  • Fueling errors

Injuries are not just limited to crashes either. Every year, passengers suffer injuries from falling luggage from the overhead compartments and from the heavy meal carts in the airplane aisles. Flight crews can neglect to secure the overhead bins or carelessly operate the meal cart.

Although not as common, people can suffer severe injuries when they are spectators at an air show. The airplanes fly low to the ground, and a crash places spectators in close proximity to the explosion and fire. Being a spectator at an air show can be dangerous.

Free Consultation with a Minnesota Plane Crash Lawyer

Airplane crash lawsuits are more complicated than an everyday personal injury case. If you suffer injuries in an airplane accident, or if a loved one is killed in an airplane crash, you have rights through the Minnesota legal system.

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