Minnesota Liquor Liability Lawyer

In Minnesota, a drunk driver may not be the only person held liable in a drunk driver accident. This is because those establishments and individuals who serve alcoholic beverages have a duty to distribute these beverages responsibly. If they are not serving alcoholic beverages responsibly and an accident occurs that involves a drunk driver they served, the liquor laws say they can be held responsible for the victim’s injury or death.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, an investigation by your Minnesota liquor liability lawyer can trace the blame back to an establishment or a person who served that person liquor when they shouldn’t have. If it would be proved that the accident would not have happened or that serving the drunk driver alcoholic beverages were a contributing factor, they can be held liable.

Dram Shop Liability

A dram shop is an establishment such as a bar, club, restaurant, tavern or liquor store that sells alcoholic beverages. The law in Minnesota says that a dram shop can be held legally liable if its patrons cause damages after illegally being sold alcohol. The illegal sale of alcohol includes selling to minors and to individuals already intoxicated.

Dealing with the aftermath of a drinking and driving accident can be traumatic. However, it is important that you get to the bottom of who is responsible for the incident so you can move on with your life. When you are a victim of a drunk driving accident, whether you are the passenger, whether you are in the other car or whether you are a pedestrian or a bike rider on the road at the wrong time, you could be faced with a lifetime of complications.

Minnesota Drunk Driving Injury Claim

Drinking and driving accidents often occur at extremely fast speeds and thus you could be faced with serious injuries or fatality of a loved one.  So what can you claim as damages in your case?

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Cost of care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages, which is the amount of money that is used to punish the party at fault for not taking the rights or safety of others into consideration.

If a loved one has died in a drunk driving accident, the spouse and next of kin may make a claim that includes:

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of potential income
  • Loss of protection, comfort, support, counsel, and society.

Minnesota Liquor Liability Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver or a loved one has been killed in a drunk driving accident, it is your right to file a claim for damages that have been incurred. However knowing who is at fault and where to go from here can be difficult, especially as the liquor liability laws in Minnesota are quite complex. You should not be alone in your case, so opt for the aggressive and compassionate representation that you deserve.