Minnesota Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bite injuries often occur at the homes of friends or relatives. The victims are usually children who are not large enough to fend off the attack and end up with serious bite wounds to their face, hands or arms. Afterwards, the parents are often unsure what to do. Should they sue a friend or relative?

We offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions and explain your rights. While we would never suggest that you sue anyone without a good reason, dog bite injuries can cause lasting physical and emotional damage. Without compensation, you may not be able to afford plastic surgery and counseling to help you or your child recover.

Who Pays for Damages in Dog Bite Cases?

Damages in dog bite cases are covered by the property owner’s homeowners insurance. The reason people pay for homeowners insurance is to cover losses such as hail damage, fire, and yes, damages caused by animals.

Nobody would hesitate suing a driver who ran a red light and injured you. Why wouldn’t you file a claim against a property owner whose dog attacked you or your child?

What Damages Are Compensable in a Dog Bite Case?

You have a right to compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering, for facial scarring, and for lost wages if you are a wage earner.

In many cases, scars can be minimized by plastic surgery after the scar has healed. It’s important to plan for the cost of future plastic surgery in your personal injury claim. Many medical plans will not cover the cost of cosmetic surgery. With children, plastic surgeons may want to wait until the child is older to see how the scar changes over time before performing surgery.

People who are attacked by dogs (especially children) often have lasting fears of dogs after an attack. The cost of past and future counseling is compensable.