Minnesota Shoulder, Arm, Elbow Injury Lawyer

Any time an injury occurs to your shoulder, arm, or elbow, overall function is compromised. Such injuries can be debilitating no matter what your job may be or what your role in life is. As soon as one of these injuries occurs, it becomes quite apparent how important these areas of your body are. The simplest of tasks can be difficult to perform.

Any time that you have suffered a shoulder, arm, or elbow injury through no fault of your own, you need a Minnesota shoulder, arm, elbow injury attorney to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Why should you have to pay for medical expenses that you did not ask for? If you were at fault, then the expenses would be your problem, but that is not the case here.

Types of Injuries

There is a rather long list of injuries that can occur to your shoulder, arm and elbow. They are as follows:

  • Shoulder injuries – Separated shoulder, shoulder impingement, broken scapula, rotator cuff injury, broken clavicle, and SLAP tear.
  • Arm injuries – Ulnar radial fracture
  • Elbow injuries – Radial head fracture and ulnar nerve injury

No matter which of these injuries you have incurred, you need to seek the help of your St. Paul shoulder, arm, and elbow injury attorney so that you can have your medical expenses paid for, lost wages paid for, and also look into seeking out punitive damages in a civil suit.

Unfortunately, when such an injury occurs you need a lot of physical therapy in order to even gain back partial use of your shoulder, arm, or elbow.

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