Minnesota Ear Injury Attorney

When you are faced with an ear injury your entire life can change. You may be looking at a constant ringing in the ear that can cause stress, headache and pain. You may be faced with permanent deafness which can impact your ability to work and perform everyday activities. These are not injuries that should be taken lightly. While most ear injuries are not life threatening, they do require time, patience and financial security to recover from. If you are suffering from an ear injury due to the neglect of someone else, then you may be eligible for compensation. A Minnesota personal injury attorney can help assess your case and determine your options for financial compensation for your losses.

Ear Injury Lawyer in Minnesota

Ear injuries can occur for a number of different reasons including:

  • Swimming pool accidents and boating injury – too much pressure to the ear can cause permanent damage. This is often the case if you have a slip and fall accident to the ear or if you are lodged too far underwater
  • Premise Liability cases – if the incident occurs on anyone else property, then you could be eligible for financial compensation. A dog bite to the ear, for example, can cause you permanent complications to this area. And, unfortunately, this is one of the places that dog seem to go for when they do attack.
  • Workplace accidents – loud explosions, toxic exposure and repetitive noises can all cause damage to your ear. While you may be eligible for worker’s compensation, often the settlement that you are offered will not be enough to cover all the damages that you face, including rehabilitation as well as time off work.
  • Car accidents and truck accidents – due to the sheer impact and pressure in car accidents, ear injuries are quite common on the road. Furthermore, when an airbag explodes or if your head is slammed against a hard surface, this can be permanent damage to your ear area.

Types of ear injuries

When dealing with any ear injury you could be faced with a world of pain and pressure. Some of the common ear injuries that our firm sees and can help you with include:

  • BPPV or ear rocks- due to a serious head injury, the otoconia in the ear can become dislodged. Symptoms include vertigo episodes, dizziness, light-headedness, loss of balance and vision, blurred vision, light sensitivity, nausea and vomiting.
  • Hearing loss – in the middle hear or in the inner ear, both of which can be permanent
  • Tinnitus – a constant ringing in the ear. This usually happens during a sudden impact hit or heavy pressure to the area and results in a ringing pitch that can be impossible to ignore.

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

Heimerl & Lammers have over three decades of helping people across Minnesota gain financial compensation for their personal injury. This is something that we are passionate about and something that we take very seriously. Don’t settle for an insurance claim or worker’s compensation settlement before first speaking to a qualified Minnesota ear injury attorney.