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Burn injuries are painful and many times lead to death. As a matter of fact, the survival rate for burn injuries is not very high at all, depending on the extent of the burns. A Minnesota burn injury lawyer has seen all kinds of burn injuries and has represented the victims in these cases or their families if the victim did not survive the incident. And any time an attorney has represented these individuals, it has been because the burn injuries were not their fault or the fault of their loved one.

Here are examples of incidents in which burn injuries may occur:

  • House fire
  • Apartment fire
  • Oven fire
  • Furniture fire
  • Propane gas explosion
  • Space heater or other portable heater fire (defective product)
  • Natural gas explosion (faulty lines or equipment)
  • Gas fireplace explosion
  • Hazardous product recalls

Even manufacturers and distributors of smoke detectors can be held liable for burn injuries. If a smoke detector fails to alert a family of smoke in the home and a fire burns one or more of the family members, then there is a case of liability. The family can bring a lawsuit against the smoke detector’s maker.

Burn Injury

Burn Accidents Due To Defective Products

In the past, burn injury lawyers have had to bring charges against defective products aside from smoke detectors. These products include space heaters, gas grills, appliances, electronics, light bulbs, and other such items.

When a burn injury is the result of a defective product, a lawsuit can be brought against the company to pay damages as a result of that product. Sometimes, these cases can turn into class action lawsuits if many individuals have been injured due to the defect.

The consequences of a burn injury are always difficult for burn injury lawyer to see. There is permanent scarring, a lot of pain that is sometimes chronic, and many times there is disfiguring of areas of the body that others can see. This severely compromises the quality of the lives of the victims, and this can ultimately lead to depression. There have also been burn victims who have gone as far as committing suicide because of their injuries and the fact that they are financially destroyed due to those injuries. A Minnesota burn injury attorney can help improve your life through providing you with aggressive representation in your claim.

Minnesota Burn Injury Attorney

If you have acquired a burn injury through no fault of your own or a loved one has been burned and killed, you may have a case. Call us or fill out the form on this website for your free no-obligation consultation. Burn injuries are permanent, but you have to recover despite the fact your life will never be the same. You shouldn’t have to worry about the financial consequences of your accident, which is where we come in.

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