Minnesota Guardians Ad Litem Lawyer

The Minnesota Guardians Ad Litem program was created in the best interest of the children, because the best interest of abused and neglected children is represented in court by an advocate. Guardians Ad Litem work on a paid or volunteer basis. They are appointed by family or juvenile court to represent the best interests of a maltreated child in court proceedings. The Guardian Ad Litem is also considered the temporary guardian for the child during the court process. They are, however, not a legal guardian. This means that the Guardian Ad Litem in Minnesota does not have any control over the child or their property. They also do not provide a home for the child. They are simply an advocate, meaning they do not provide legal services or social services to the child.

Who Can Be A Guardian Ad Litem?

Life experience and common sense are the most important qualifications a person must possess. They must also have the ability to think independently, be objective, and work effectively with adults and children of all different backgrounds and cultures. For instance, in juvenile courts around Minnesota, successful Guardians Ad Litem are adults with a strong concern about neglected and abused children in their own communities.

The Need And The Duties

A child may need a Guardian Ad Litem in Minnesota, because the child needs a spokesperson. He or she has been neglected or abused by their own parents, and it is difficult for them to speak on their own behalf. Some children are so young they cannot speak at all. They need someone to do this for them. A Guardian Ad Litem will:

  • Gather information for the court
  • Make recommendations to the court regarding the child’s needs
  • Monitor progress in the case, such as the progress of the parents and services being provided to the child
  • A Guardian Ad Litem in Minnesota attends court with the child and may also serve as a witness in the case, especially since the child is not usually required to go to court

The Guardian Ad Litem doesn’t make decisions in court hearings. That is the judge’s responsibility. Some may not think that a Guardian Ad Litem has that much influence on judges in Minnesota, but that is not so. Judges are only as good as the information they receive. They rely heavily on Guardians Ad Litem because these individuals have the time to focus on the cases in which they work. The Guardian Ad Litem always listens to the child’s needs and wants and makes recommendations that are in the best interest of the child. They talk to everyone involved in the child’s life and also report their own experiences by telling the judge what they observed when spending time with the child.