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Minnesota criminal law is complicated to say the least. There are a number of different crimes that classify as a criminal offense, all with different sentences and circumstances.  Furthermore, there are a number of court systems you could be up against including the Minnesota Drug Courts, the Minnesota Court of Appeals, or the Federal Court System.

If you are found guilty of a criminal offense you could be facing prison time, hefty fines, restitution to the victim, community service, among other things. Whatever the case, any type of criminal conviction will go onto your criminal record negatively impacting the rest of your life.

Facing Criminal Accusations

At Heimerl & Lammers we understand how terrifying any arrest or accusation can be. We are here to help. Our defense attorneys will be able to assess your case, interview key witnesses, consult with our team of experts, and determine a defense strategy that will work for your situation.

We represent clients facing the following criminal allegations:

  • Criminal sexual conduct and various sex crimes including prostitution, child pornography, indecent exposure, rape and sexual abuse
  • Drug crimes including distribution, possession, trafficking and manufacturing charges
  • BWI Boating While Intoxicated defense
  • Minnesota DWI Lawyer and other traffic violations
  • Misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor and felony offenses
  • White collar criminal activity including embezzlement, fraud
  • Federal fraud crimes including mail and wire fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud, and tax fraud
  • Theft accusations such as check forgery, credit card theft, and identity theft
  • Violent crimes including assault, battery, domestic abuse and robbery
  • Property crimes such as burglary, arson, and trespassing
  • Serious felony offenses including murder, homicide, and manslaughter
  • Expungement, obstruction of justice, and violating parole cases

The most important thing to remember when facing a criminal conviction is that you are innocent until proven guilty. Although an arrest or accusation can be frightening and make you feel like a criminal, you must remain in control of the situation. Focus on the positive things in life while we focus on handling the legal side of things.

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Being charged with a crime, or simply being investigated for a crime can turn one’s life upside down. The criminal justice system affects not only the individual involved, but their support system of friends and family members. We make it our mission to provide you with an aggressive, comprehensive, and passionate approach to help you resolve your legal troubles. Contact our criminal defense lawyers today at 612-294-2200.