Legally ending your marriage often creates considerable upheaval in a person’s life, especially when children are involved. If you are seeking a divorce, a Sherburne County divorce lawyer at Heimerl & Lammers can provide you with vital legal advice concerning your rights. We are a full-service family law firm that has helped clients throughout the area in numerous types of divorce cases. We are intimately familiar with divorce proceedings, and can answer any questions you have regarding alimony, property division, complex divorces & property division, child custody, child support, parenting time & visitation rights. Contact our firm today to find out how to protect your interests during a divorce, and what actions you will need to take before your final divorce decree is issued.

Divorce Agreements in Sherburne County

When a couple divorces, considerable time and effort will usually be put into working out agreements regarding the distribution of your marital property, the payment of support and child custody arrangements. Once the case has concluded, it may be necessary to modify these agreements if circumstances change. Our firm can assist you with post-divorce matters such as the modification of child custody, or relocating a child out of state. We are dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding service, and will provide you with professional and compassionate representation in any divorce matter. Contact a Sherburne County divorce attorney for qualified legal counsel and skilled representation if you intend to divorce.

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