Technology continues to work its way into our everyday lives, and in doing so it’s no wonder that electronic communications are commonly referenced in the court of law. Email and other electronic communications simplify our life and make it easier for people to stay in touch with their attorney, and as smartphone ownership continues to rise, it’s no surprise helpful apps are also bursting onto the scene. Below, I share three apps that can make easier to adjust to life post-divorce.

1. Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is hands-down the communication tool we recommend most after a divorce. Our Family Wizard is a great tool for parties to use to assist in:

  • Managing custody
  • Working through parenting time disputes
  • Tracking expenses
  • Facilitating communication between parties and outside consultants

The best part about this app is that is does all these things without having to go through an attorney. We’re more than happy to help you when issues arise, but as we noted in a previous post, constant communication with your lawyer is a quick way to drain your retainer.

Another component that is great about Our Family Wizard is that it has a monitored email system that lets a parent know when an email was sent and confirms that the other parent read the email and when the message is opened. This is helpful when a parent is concerned that the other person did not receive a communication, or, in some cases, a parent alleges that they never received the communication. Our Family Wizard also has a shared calendar that allows both parents to access and edit a schedule for a child so important events such as school conferences, doctor’s appointments, and holidays don’t get missed or mixed up.

Using Our Family Wizard also serves as a constant reminder to parents that their communications are being recorded and can be printed out and reviewed in the future. This is helpful because it reminds parents to treat each other cordially and with respect.  Neither parent wants to go back to court and have the judge see a communication where they are disparaging the other parenting.

2. Mint

Mint is a helpful app that helps a parent build a budget and stick to it. Money management can be difficult after a divorce, especially if you have less money coming in than before, and Mint can make sure you develop a budget that makes sure you aren’t overextending yourself. Tracking your monthly expenditures – even just having them on paper – can help open your eyes to some frivolous or unnecessary expenses. It can also help you budget money for your child’s future education or for your retirement account.

3.Google Calendar

This doesn’t really fall under the category of a traditional app, but Google Calendar is another tool we frequently recommend to our clients. Google Calendar allows parents to schedule events in one easy to edit document that can be accessed by each party. This comes in handy if any late minute changes need to be added to your child’s schedule.

The Bottom Line: Any tools parents can utilize to assist in custody and parenting time disputes is well worth the time and expense, because in the long run they will save parents the emotional expense and additional legal fees incurred by continually litigating issues or involving attorneys.

Related source: Huffington Post