A group of Minnesotans gathered Sunday to protest Russia’s proposed law that would ban American families from adopting Russian children.

Senator Amy Klobuchar joined members of the Children’s Home Society and other concerned citizens at the rally that sought to bring attention to the proposed ban.

“The demonstration shows that some people in Russia are concerned about the fate of these children, too,” said Maureen Warren, president of the Children’s Home Society.

The Children’s Home Society has helped place Russian children with Minnesota families for the last 20 years.  Warren said 20-30 Russian children find a new home with a Minnesota family each year, and the proposed ban would keep some children in the foster care system much longer.

Senator Klobuchar also spoke at the rally, saying that political tensions are they underlying reasons behind the proposed ban.

“These little orphans are being used as political pawns,” Klobuchar said.

The proposed ban was approved by the Russian government two weeks ago, but President Vladimir Putin recently delayed the adoption ban for a year.  Putin has actively supported the proposed ban, but his decision to delay the ban may allow some current adoptions to go through.  Klobuchar said it would be heartbreaking for families who are in the process of adopting a child to be denied because of the new bill.

“The families already have the pictures of these kids,” said Klobuchar. “These cases have to get done.”

Many families have gone further in their quest to adopt a Russian child, as some Minnesotans have recently departed for Russia to take part in court proceedings, which are scheduled for Tuesday.

The U.S State Department estimates that 500 to 1,000 Russian children may be affected each year by the ban.