A Recognition of Parentage (ROP) is generally a document that unmarried parents sign at the hospital after the birth of their child. However, a ROP can be signed up until the child turns the age of majority. Under Minnesota law, if a minor child is born after both parents are married, the husband is presumed to be the father. When the biological father is not married to the biological mother of a child, it is important for him to sign the ROP with the mother, in order to establish his parental rights.

While the ROP will establish a biological father’s parental rights, it does not automatically grant the father custody and parenting time rights. Under Minnesota law, an unmarried mother of a minor child is still considered to have sole custody of the minor child, even if the ROP has been signed by the biological father.

By signing the ROP, the father ensures his right to bring custody and parenting time action in the future if need be.