In certain situations, supervised parenting time may be warranted. The court may order parenting time to be supervised if it finds that endangerment is likely if unsupervised parenting time were allowed. Supervision may be done by a family member or friend, the custodial parent, or a third party in a supervised visitation center. Supervised visitation does not have to be a permanent condition, but may be temporary if one parent should not be with the children alone for a period of time.

In Minnesota, there are supervised parenting time centers such as Children’s Safety Center or Perspectives that are commonly used. There is more of a problem when you travel out of the state and need supervised centers, however. Some states do not have statutes providing for supervised parenting time at all, which leads to little demand to create a safe center for parenting time to occur.

If you live out of state and need to arrange for supervised parenting time to occur there, but do not have friends or family members that are able to supervise, you may search online directories or contact the local court to ask if there are any centers that you may use.