It does happen where divorce cases are carrying on, sometimes very contentious, and the parties decide to reconcile and try to work things out.  What happens at that point?  Are you able to just pretend as though the legal battle hasn’t happened?

If you are in the middle of a court battle and both parties decide to call it off, you are able to dismiss your divorce in a Minnesota court.  The more common approach, however, is to put your case on hold, known as “inactive status”.  The court is able to place a matter on inactive status, meaning nothing is going on with it, for a set period of time.  After that time expires, if the parties are still working on reconciliation, then the court case will be closed.

A benefit to using inactive status versus just dismissing the case is if it does not work out.  There are filing fees associated with any case started in court.  If you dismiss your case and change your mind even a week later, then you will have to reopen a new case and repay the hefty fees.  Also, if the case needs to be started up again, all of the work you had done to that point won’t be lost if the case is just inactive.