Minnesota Workers Compensation Eligibility

If you are injured at the workplace then you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. But how do you know if you are eligible for benefits based on the Minnesota workers comp laws? The workers compensation laws are confusing to say the least which is why many employees will rely on the services of a qualified Minnesota workers compensation attorney for legal advice. Here is a rundown on Minnesota work injury laws and your eligibility for compensation.

Minnesota Work Injury Law

Under the Minnesota work injury law, every employer must have workers compensation insurance. This is used in case an employee is injured or suffered illness due to the work conditions. Workers compensation will come into effect in the following three instances:

  • If an employee suffers a personal injury. This is any injury, no matter who caused it, that occurs out of and in the course of employment.
  • If an employee suffers from an occupational disease rising out of and in the course of employment.
  • If an employee suffers a death rising out of and in the course of employment

What this means is that you need to prove that:

  1. You have sustained personal injury/illness
  2. You have sustained this injury ‘arising out of the employment’. This means that there must be a ‘causal connection between the employment and the injury’ as administered by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Every injury is assessed on a case by case basis to determine if the injury has arisen out of the employment. In some instances, this is a lot easier to prove than others. For example, if a large pole falls on you at work, then this is often easier to prove your injuries than if you suffer from a serious back injury due to years of heavy lifting.
  3. You have sustained the injury “in the course of the employment.” This usually means that the injury took place at work, during work hours.

Worker’s Compensation Eligibility Complications

There are many complications that can arise when it comes to proving your workers compensation eligibility. If you fail to get proper medical treatment, if you fail to report the incident or if you fail to prove that it occurred at work, then you might have trouble receiving compensation. Furthermore, the terms “arising out of employment” and “in the course of the employment” both some with legal complications that can be hard to prove.

Workers compensation insurance companies are known for their unethical ways and have millions of tricks to get out of proper compensation. If you are concerned that you are not being compensated fairly (or at all) then it is best to contact a Minnesota work injury attorney about your next steps.

Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyer

Being injured on the workplace is a pain in the neck to say the least. However, battling for your rights to workers compensation add even more emotional pain and confusion to the situation, especially when suffering from an injury or illness on top of it all. Contact the Law Firm of Heimerl & Lammers to determine your eligibility and legal right surrounding Minnesota workers compensation.