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After your work injury, your body might have limited function when you return to work. Because of your doctor’s restrictions, you might have limits in terms of what you can do on the job. In some cases, your employer might not have a job available for you within your restrictions.

Minnesota workers’ comp laws entitle you to rehabilitation services, which include vocational rehabilitation and retraining.

Vocational Rehabilitation & Retraining Services in Minnesota

Depending on whether your workers’ comp insurer has admitted liability on your primary claim, you can request a rehabilitation consultation from your insurer to see if you qualify for rehabilitation services. If eligible, you will work with a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) to modify your job duties or to find a different job within your restrictions.

If your work injury prevents you from returning to your job, prevents you from returning to the same job field or prevents you from earning a similar amount as you did before your injury, you can seek retraining services. Retraining is formal study or schooling with the goal of helping you find gainful employment perhaps in a different field. The insurer is responsible for the following:

  • Tuition
  • Travel expenses
  • Books

Minnesota workers’ comp law requires your employer and insurer to consider both vocational rehabilitation and retraining. However, the reality is that insurers rarely pay for retraining voluntarily.

We Can Answer Your Questions

Rehabilitation services, especially retraining, can be life changing. If you have limited employment skills or live in a small town, you might have limited chances of finding employment after your work injury.

Retraining services can be costly, which is why the workers’ comp insurer will usually fight you on this part of your claim. Your strongest ally is one of our skilled workers’ comp lawyers. We will work with your doctor and your QRC to put together a solid retraining plan for you.

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