Minnesota Workers Compensation Benefits and Entitlements

If you are injured at the work place, then you are entitled to several benefits under your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance company. We all know how tedious and frustrating it can be working with any insurance company and this is often the case when it comes to worker compensation insurance as well. Although your employer is required by law to have workers comp insurance and thus cover certain expenses, it can be a nightmare getting the amount of money you deserve for your accident. This is why it is so critical to contact a Minnesota workers compensation lawyer to help you get the money you need to continue on when out of work.

Minnesota Workers Comp Entitlements

Under the state of Minnesota, workers compensation is required to pay the following:

  • A percentage of your lost wages. This will depend on the company and the insurance.
  • Medical expenses related to the treatment of your work injury
  • Spouse and dependant benefits if you die from a work related injury
  • Vocational rehabilitation services if the injury you have sustained means you cannot work at your previous position
  • Permanent impairment benefits

Additional Expenses Incurred

Workers compensation can be a lifesaver for those injured on the job but there are a number of expenses that the insurance company may try to exclude from their payment. Often workers comp does not compensate for the emotional damage suffered by a serious injury. Furthermore, there could be additional expenses such as transportation costs (if you cannot drive), nanny expenses for the children (if you cannot take care of them) and medicine costs (if you are in a lot of pain). These are only a few of the additional expenses you may succumb during workers compensation leave.

Minnesota Workers Compensation Complications

One of the biggest problems surrounding worker’s compensation in Minnesota is that it can be hard to prove. In order to receive worker’s compensation you need to prove the following:

  • That the injury occurred at work or that the disease or illness you are suffering is job related
  • That the injured worker is an employee (not an independent contractor) of the company.

It is important to keep all documentation of your employment history and to document any accident that has occurred on the workplace. The best way to ensure you are fully compensated under the Minnesota workers compensation law is to document everything and anything. The next best thing is to contact a Minnesota workers’ comp attorney to make sure you are getting what you are entitled to.

Another complication under the Workers Compensation law in Minnesota that the amount of money you are awarded will depend on many different laws, specific to Minnesota as well as the insurance provider. Most workers do not want the stress, confusion and utter exhaustion of learning the system which is why many will turn to a Minnesota workers compensation lawyer during this tough time. The Law Firm of Heimerl & Lammers can help you sift through the Minnesota workers compensation laws and ensure that you are getting the benefits you deserve.