Minnesota Dangerous Drug Lawyer

When you are prescribed medication by a doctor or when you pick up a prescription from a pharmacist you expect the medication to be safe. Sure, some medications come with side effects but these should be clearly labeled on the box and in the instructions. However, there are some instances where you are not warned about serious side effects that you may suffer due to dangerous drugs. In some instances it is only after people have been taking the medicine that the pharmaceutical company realizes that the medication is actually not that safe or is doing more harm than good. When this happens, you could be looking at serious injury or illness as well as a potential for compensation.

If you have experienced symptoms or side effects due to a dangerous drug, then you have options for compensation. Drug companies must be held accountable for their negligent actions, especially if they release a drug that is not safe for consumption. A Minnesota personal injury lawyer can help you if you have been injured by a dangerous drug.

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

There have been several instances in the past where a drug company will release a report or the FDA will release a warning after further tests on a drug that the drug actually comes with serious side effects that may be harmful to your health. These side effects can include damage to major organs such as your kidney and liver as well as increase your risk in heart attacks, stroke, lung disease and more. Some drugs are known to cause rapid weight loss, infection, chronic bowel syndrome, spinal injuries and even death. This is something that the public should be warned about before the release of the drug, not several weeks, months or even years after.

When you are faced with an injury or illness due to a dangerous or defective drug you could be looking at a complete change in lifestyle. You may require immediate and long term medical care and this is not going to be cheap. This is why it is so important that you receive compensation to pay for things like medical costs and lost wages that you may experience when faced with a dangerous drug illness.

Filing a lawsuit against a large pharmaceutical company may seem impossible, especially when you are faced with an injury or illness. This is why we are here. Our team at Heimerl & Lammers will fight on your behalf. In many instances you will not be the first one with this problem and thus you could join in on a class action or tort lawsuit to provide compensation for all the victims of this dangerous drug. You may only be one person but you can still make a big difference and deserve compensation for your suffering.

There are several different drugs on the market that have current and ongoing lawsuits and legal battles. We can represent clients suffering from symptoms directly related to taking medications such as Yazmin birth control and Avandia. Speaking to a Minnesota dangerous drugs lawyer about your options can help you see the big picture and ensure you are fully compensated for any losses, injury and hardship you have endured. Contact a Minnesota dangerous drug lawyer right away if you have been injured by a dangerous drug.