Minnesota Child Injury Lawyer

Our children are everything. From the moment they take their first breath, we are nurturing them, raising them, protecting them, and teaching them. Parenting is a job with many rewards, but love is the greatest reward of all. And when someone hurts your child, you feel as if your entire world is crashing down upon your head. Suddenly, you become angry and you want something done about the individual who hurt your child.

Most children are injured in accidents that include car accidents, bicycle accidents, and there are other accidents that occur that are not their fault. Children simply cannot protect themselves the same way adults can and that is why a Minnesota child injury attorney may be needed.

Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer

There are several practice areas in which we provide representation when it comes to child injury. Those areas are:

  • School and playground injuries
  • Day care injuries
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Court Approval
  • Parent’s Claims

Basically, we will represent you and your child in any case in which your child was injured at no fault of their own.

Minor Petitions

If your child is injured anywhere in Minnesota, state law protects them from injury during any settlement. If your child is under the age of 18, all settlements must be court-approved. This is because insurance companies may want just the parent to sign, but this is something that is not enforceable under state law.

You see, minors cannot be responsible for settlement money from a Minnesota child injury lawsuit. This is because parents can foolishly spend the money. This is why a judge must review each and every settlement within the state to determine if the settlement is fair to the child. The judge may then protect the funds by using such financial vehicles as a certificate of deposit or annuity until the child reaches 18 years of age.

There is no excuse for abusive or negligent actions toward children. Unfortunately, these are the very acts that cause injury to children and their families. We stand up for the rights of children even when others don’t want to recognize that they do have rights. A child has just as much a right to compensation as adults do.

Minnesota Child Injury Attorney

Whether you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area or another area in Minnesota, we are here to help. Simply call 651-777-1811 or fill out the form on this website for your free no obligation consultation. You should never have to be alone in your case or wonder what would’ve happened had you done something about your child’s accident. Call us now to take the first steps toward getting the compensation you deserve for your child’s injury.