Dedicated Family Law Attorneys in the Twin Cities

Many Minnesota families are struggling financially these days. Obligations and issues stemming from child support place even more of a financial strain on former spouses and unmarried couples. If you find yourself faced with this issue, contact a Minnesota family law firm passionate about helping its clients solve their legal issues.

  • Minnesota Child Support Guidelines

    Minnesota Child Support is calculated pursuant to a statutory established calculator, which can be found here: The calculator accounts for both parties incomes, amount of joint children, any non-joint children living in the home, prior spousal maintenance or child support obligations, the cost of medical and dental insurance for the child, the cost of childcare for the child, and the amount of overnights the child spends with each parent. The calculator also establishes a percentage that each parent is responsible for when it comes to paying unreimbursed or uninsured expenses and activities. Parties can also deviate from the calculated amount of child support, to either be higher or lower, upon the agreement of the parties.

  • Modification of Child Support

    To modify child support, the party must demonstrate a “substantial change in circumstances” which makes the current child support amount unreasonable or unfair. This consists of changed income, changed cost of living, new insurance or medical expenses, new work or education related expenses, or emancipation of the child. To determine whether your circumstances meet the legal threshold to modify child support, contact our family law attorneys at Heimerl & Lammers today.

Child Support Issues in Minnesota