Minnesota Workers Comp Employee Rights

If you have suffered a serious injury at work, you are probably very concerned about your future. Will your job be there for you when you are healthy enough to work again? What if you are unable to return to your job?

You don’t have to face your future alone. At the law firm of Heimerl & Lammers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our lawyers will bring our decades of experience to bear on your workers’ compensation claim. We offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions and discuss your rights.

Will I Lose my Job?

Under Minnesota law, your employer cannot fire you for filing a workers’ compensation claim or for missing work for a medical reason. However, this doesn’t always mean that your job is safe.

Less scrupulous employers may look for a way to fire you. One way they may do this is by nit-picking your job performance. If you are experiencing any retaliation at work because of your injury, our lawyers will take immediate steps to intervene on your behalf. Once your employer finds out that you can sue them, the harassment usually ends quickly.

How Long Will I Receive Wage Loss Benefits?

Minnesota workers’ compensation provides several types of wage-loss benefits:

  • Temporary total disability pays you a percentage of your average weekly wage while you are unable to work. However, there is a time limit for how long these payments will continue.
  • When your doctor says you can go back to work with some limitations (either in number of hours or type of work), you may be entitled to temporary partial disability benefits. These benefits are also limited in how long they can continue.
  • If you are not able to return to work, you can receive permanent total disability payments until you reach retirement age.

Are Vocational Retraining Benefits Available?

If you are not returning to your employer, vocational retraining benefits may be available. These benefits are difficult to obtain, but not impossible. Our lawyers will work with you, a vocational rehabilitation specialist and your doctor to increase your chances of qualifying for vocational retraining.

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