Adoption is a way to provide a new family for a child or children who cannot be raised by their birth parents or within their birth family.

The granting of an adoption order transfers all legal responsibility and rights to the adoptive parent(s). Adoption is a lifelong commitment to the child or children who become a full member of the adoptive family.

Biological and adoptive parents may need representation during the adoption process. We represent anyone interested in adoption, including the biological parents, heterosexual or same sex couples that want to adopt, or single individuals.

Types of Adoption in Minnesota

There are many different types of adoption, which carry different complexities:

  • Direct Placement Adoptions. Occurs when the birth mother/parents choose the adoptive parent(s) and the child is placed directly with the adoptive parent(s). This is also known as an independent or private adoption.
  • Agency Adoptions. Attorneys in Minnesota are prohibited from matching children with adoptive families. Children are matched with a family through a state-licensed adoption agencies.
  • Relative Adoptions. Occurs when a child is adopted by a member of the family on either the maternal or paternal side.
  • Step Parent Adoptions. Occurs when a step parent adopts a child of his or her current spouse.
  • Adult Adoptions. Occurs when an adult is adopted by another adult to create a parent/child relationship.
  • Contested Adoptions. Occurs when another person is objecting to the adoption altogether or contesting the adoption by certain individuals.
  • Interstate Adoptions. Occurs when the child is born in one state but will be traveling to another state where the adoptive couple resides.

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Adoption proceedings are often complex, with strict regulations that govern the proceedings. If you are considering adoption, please contact Heimerl & Lammers to help you throughout the process and ensure your rights are protected.

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