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A divorce can be an emotionally grueling experience. It is also a time when many decisions will need to be made that will affect your life for years to come. If you are planning to end your marriage, a divorce attorney at Heimerl & Lammers can provide you with the legal counsel and guidance you will need to accomplish your objectives. We are a full-service family law firm that offers professional and compassionate representation to clients in divorce cases. Our attorneys have helped clients in all types of divorce cases, and have the necessary experience to assist you through yours.

During a divorce, advice and support from a qualified lawyer can be crucial, especially when addressing matters such as alimony, property division, and child custody. Our attorneys can help you with any aspect of your divorce case.

Divorce Legal Representation in Minnesota

Obtaining a divorce decree will require various agreements to be worked out with your spouse before a final settlement is reached. In some cases, such as an uncontested divorce, it may be possible to draft these agreements outside of court and tailor them to your specifics needs. If you divorce is contested, you will need effective representation by a knowledgeable divorce lawyer who can protect your rights and interests. Our firm is highly skilled in the divorce process and can assist you with any situation regarding the dissolution of your marriage.

Following a divorce, circumstances can change resulting in the modification of child custody orders, or relocating a child out of state. Our firm is always available to assist you in any post-divorce matter, including enforcement of court orders, enforcement of settlement agreements and an ex not paying child support. We also represent clients in cases involving domestic abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, orders of protection, and ex parte orders.

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