Often in workers’ comp cases, employees are not awarded enough compensation for their medical needs. Minnesota work comp laws are very complicated. As a result, many workers are taken advantage of by their employers, and required to pay for pricey prescriptions and medical appointments. Don’t be fooled. If you’re injured at work, you have certain entitlements.

Minnesota law states that any injured worker is entitled to the following 10 medical benefits:

  1. Reasonable Medical Care
  2. Hospital Services
  3. Your Choice of Doctor (in most cases)
  4. Physical Therapy
  5. Chiropractic
  6. Medication and Pain Relief
  7. Crutches
  8. Eye Glasses
  9. Artificial Limbs
  10. Wheelchairs

If your compensation benefits do not include one of these benefits, contact a workers’ comp attorney immediately at (612) 294-2200 to make sure you are receiving all the benefits you deserve.