Representing Whistleblower Employees in Minneapolis

If you witness your employer engaging in illegal conduct or regulatory violations, you might feel compelled to report it to the authorities, and you should. Some workers are afraid to take action for fear of losing their job if their employer finds out they were the “whistleblower.” However, the Minnesota Whistleblower Act protects all employees who do the right thing, and it applies to all employers with at least one employee.

Contact our law firm if you were terminated or feel your job is threatened because you reported your employer’s illegal conduct. You have a right to a non-hostile work environment and our employment law attorneys can help. Call us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Minnesota’s Whistleblower Act

The Minnesota Whistleblower Act makes it illegal for an employer to fire, discriminate or take any adverse action against an employee who:

  • Reports in good faith a violation or suspected violation of any law or regulation by the employer, i.e., sexual harassment, discrimination, tax fraud
  • Participates in an investigation of the employer
  • Refuses to engage in illegal activity at work or on behalf of the employer

Not all retaliatory conduct by an employer is obvious. Instead of firing you after you report a violation, your employer might make the workplace hostile in an effort to make you quit. This is also illegal, and such tactics can include the following:

  • Abusive or threatening behavior
  • Giving you unfair or poor reviews that do not match your job performance
  • Giving you a demotion
  • Denying you benefits or opportunities at advancement
  • Reducing your pay or hours

Depending on your case, your employer will have to compensate you for lost wages, emotional distress, punitive damages and attorney’s fees, if found liable. Do not wait to contact an employment attorney, as the time to investigate and file a claim can be short.

Free Consultation with a Minnesota Employment Attorney

No one wants to lose his or her job in this economic climate. Our employment law attorneys are experienced at protecting whistleblowers. There might be other state and federal employment laws that offer further protection for you. We will explore every legal option in an effort to get you the protection you deserve. Contact us to schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our employment law attorneys – 612.294.2200.