Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Terminations – MN Work Comp Attorney

There are several instances that can lead to your termination and oftentimes it may seem completely unfair. Even though Minnesota is an at-will state and employers do not need a specific reason to fire an employee, there are specific regulations against terminating employees for some unethical reasons related to discrimination or retaliatory measures taken by an employee.

One of the instances where it is against the law to fire you is due to a workplace related injury. If you have been injured on the job and are now facing workers’ compensation, your employer may see you as unimportant for the company. Even so, he is not allowed to terminate you under the Minnesota Worker’s Compensation Act.

Wrongful termination exists when an employer wrongly fires an employee for inappropriate reasons. There are a number of instances where this can happen including due to sexual orientation, acts of retaliation, age and race. If you are fired after being put on worker’s compensation, then you may also be questioning what you did to deserve this and what can be done about it. The good news is that you do have legal rights. Speaking to a Minnesota worker’s compensation attorney can help clarify the situation and determine what you can do next.

If you have been wrongfully terminated, or suspect this of happening, then there are certain steps you can take:

  • Document all the details of the incident. This can include emails, conversations, or anything which may later have a bearing on your case. You can also keep documents from before you were fired, such as past employee reviews and salary information.
  • Contact a Minnesota worker’s compensation attorney. Heimerl & Lammers understands how disastrous a wrongful termination can be to the life and livelihood of a person, especially when that person is a parent and the primary means of financial support.  We can analyze your case and expose motivations for wrongful termination.

Legal Protection from Workplace Related Injury

Every injured worker is entitled to:

  • Workers’ compensation benefits. This can include financial relief for lost wages, rehabilitation, medical costs and more
  • The legal assistance of a Minnesota worker’s compensation lawyer
  • The ability to recover free of harassment or threats of termination

While you are not required by law to work with a lawyer during this time, it is important that you understand that there is a service available to you anytime you need it. Whether you are tired of dealing with denied claims or whether you simply don’t want to headache to putting in a claim yourself, our attorneys are here to help you anytime.

Minnesota Workers Compensation Attorneys

To learn more about your legal rights and what to do if you are faced with wrongful termination, contact the Law Firm of Heimerl & Lammers. We can assist you in all your legal filings and help you fight back against this. You have rights and it is imperative that you are not fired simply because you have been injured on the job.