January 16, 2020
Wills and trusts are both tools to plan for the future of your estate. During your lifetime, everything that is accumulated will become part of your estate at the time of your death. How your estate is distributed to family and loved ones is determined by your estate plan. Divorce can add an extra layer...
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Ex Parte Orders
One of the biggest concerns surrounding any bankruptcy case is this – what happens to the tax debt? This becomes even more complicated when a divorce is involved. Is it possible to eliminate the tax debt owed to the IRS and other taxing agencies when you file for bankruptcy? Although there are certain debts that...
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Divorce Mediation
The process of foreclosure happens when you are unable to make the mortgage payments each month and the lending company initiates a process to repossess your home. This usually happens after a few missed or late payments as well as a warning. The entire process usually takes about 8 months from the time you receive...
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